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Celebrating Christmas at home without cooking is a real pleasure. For this reason and as every year, our Chef has prepared the Christmas Menu so that you only worry about enjoying family and friends.


You can choose between appetizers, starters, meat, fish and desserts. In addition, we can prepare a proposal to your totally personalized measure.


Macarrones franceses

Mini navettes tray (20u): 32€

Mini tomato, fresh cheese and arugula

Mini smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill

Mini chicken curry with mayonnaise and green leaves

Mini rolled roast pork tenderloin with Dijon mustard


Appetizers tray I (31u): 33€

Parisian foie macaron

Salmon tartare ingot

Fig jam tartlet with goat cheese

Mini vol au vent with seafood

Roast beef, cream cheese and arugula mini wrap


Appetizers tray I (31u): 44

Ham croquette

Squid croquettes in their ink

Cod fritter

Prawn butterfly with sweet chili croutons

Iberian secret Ravioli


Tray of smoked salmon (400 gr): 30€

Iberian bait ham tray (300 gr): 35€

Acorn-fed Iberian ham tray (300 gr): 45€

Decoraciones Navideñas


Homemade meat and foie cannelloni 7.00€ / (3units)

XXL lobster cannelloni with seafood sauce 7.50€ / (1 unit)

Galet soup with "carn d’olla" 10.00€ / p

Monkfish and seafood soup 9.00€ / p

Lobster cream with prawns 9.90€ / p



Pagès chicken round stuffed with foie (min. 3 servings) 8.90€ / p

Pagès thigh stuffed with foie with garnish 9,90€ / p

Plate of lamb confit with rosemary with garnish 12.00€ / p

Duck confit accompanied by pears in red wine, glazed pearl onions and Pedro Ximénez sauce 12.00€ / p

Duck with orange garnish (min. 4 servings) 18.00€ / p

Rack of lamb French Rack with fine herbs and garnish (min. 4 servings) 22.00€ / p

Segovian style suckling pig (min. 4 servings) 22.00€ / p

Suckling kid shoulder with caramelized onions 23.00 € / p

Filete de pescado


Cod confit with ganxet bean puree and caramelized pearl onions 18.00€ / p

Hake in green sauce with clams and prawns 19.00€ / p

Cazolada of fish and seafood 28.00€ / p

Green Vegetables

Vegetarian options

Veggie appetizer tray (30u):  33€

Fig jam tartlet with goat cheese

Baba ganoush tart

Mini vegetable quiche  

Ceps croquettes

Vegetable gyoza  



  • Spinach and pine nut cannelloni  7.00€ / p 

  • Vegetable cannelloni XXL  6.00€ / p

  • Sautéed of young garlic with mushrooms  5.90€ / p



  • Catalan heura roast 8.70€ / p

  • Heura meatballs with vegetable sauce  8.90€ / p

  • Seitan slices with caramelized apples and Pedro Ximénez sauce 7.50€ / p

Galletas de Navidad


Decorated artisan Christmas cookies 3.50€ / u (minimum 6u)

Mousse of two chocolates with crunchy  5.00 €/ u

Artisan tiramisu 22€/ (6 servings)

Mini artisan chocolate "turron"  8.50€ / u

Artisan chocolate "turron" 18,00€ / u


Nougat flavors:

• Dark chocolate with hazelnuts

• Dark chocolate with almonds

• Dark chocolate filled with white chocolate cream and hazelnuts

• Dark chocolate with orange liqueur

• White chocolate with hazelnuts

• White chocolate with pistachio cream

* Other cakes consult our flavors menu


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